NAB 2016 Preview
Latest Cinema Quality On-the-fly Viarte Server Cluster Technology
HDR/SDR MC Noise Reduction Shrinks HEVC/AVC Upto 5x!
Any-to-Any MC Frame rate - Standards - Color Conversion
Contrast-Enhanced Immersive Digital Remastering - Upresing
HFR Interlaced/Progressive SD/HD/UHD
PQ(SMPTE ST 2084)/HLG - WCG - Rec. 2020
MC Content Length Adjustment & Retiming

Scalable, Efficient, Flexible and Future-Proof HDR/SDR Unified IP Processing
Ultimate Immersive Viewing Experience with
Sharper, Smoother, Cleaner and Smaller Footprint Video
Visit isovideo at NAB in the South Hall #SU14608

(Oregon - March 22, 2016) - At NAB 2016 in Las Vegas, isovideo will showcase its latest NVIDIA GPU-accelerated, cinema quality, on-the-fly Viarte server clusters, which can seamlessly digitally convert/transform/remaster/encode a wide variety of media content, including SD to UHD, interlaced/progressive, HFR, HDR/WCG, PQ (SMPTE ST 2084) and HLG, etc. with highest precision computational pipeline (16-bit I/O and 32-bit internal float-point processing), and with concurrent multi-format configuration and output.

In particular, isovideo will be demonstrating its latest Viarte motion-compensated (MC) HDR/SDR noise reduction, which has made another substantial advancement, primarily due to improved motion and robust noise modelling. For example on HDR test material, at 50dB PSNR, the bit-rate reduction is over 80%, dropping to 65% at 45dB on average. The PSNR gain at 3Mbps or higher is over 3.5dB. In general, the latest processing bests the previous version by 1-3dB, reducing HEVC/AVC bit-rates by 50% on average, and up to 5x on lower CQP values, while maintaining very subtle details and sharpness.

Benefits and Applications of MC Noise Reduction:

Features and Advancements in MC FRC and Deinterlacing:

The latest Viarte MC processing can readily handle HDR material to the high precision required. Viarte any-to-any MC frame-rate conversion offers particularly highly accurate conversion for HFR, and with stunning quality for HDR with HFR. It also provides additional features:

Viarte MC deinterlacing (with 100% vertical output resolution, and imperceptible flicker), and sophisticated inverse telecine, when used in conjunction with MC noise reduction offers unmatched image quality with significant HEVC/AVC bit-rate reductions. This enables content owners to repurpose valuable interlaced content to Blu-ray and OTT, while saving significant bandwidth.

Award and Film Applications:

Viarte was one of five winners of the prestigious Game-Changer Awards by the IABM/NAB 2013. Viarte technology has been used in numerous films and digital remastering applications, including "Made in America" by Academy-Award winner Ron Howard, and the newly released "Daze of Justice" documentary (world premiered on March 12, 2016), etc.

Advantages and Application of On-the-fly Viarte Server Clusters:

Viarte server cluster processing gets a near-linear boost in throughput with the number of servers, leveraging isovideo's proprietary, efficient and scalable splitting technology. It enables

Viarte NAB Promotions:

Visit isovideo in the South Hall, Booth SU14608 at the Las Vegas Convention Center from April 18-21, 2016 to see a variety of demonstrations. Reserve a slot for your own live content conversion. isovideo will also be offering limited NAB promotions through April 30, for all of their Viarte conversion services. Please contact isovideo for more details.

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