Astounding Automated SDR to HLG Grading (1000nits)   
Truly Immersive Viewing Experience
Samsung UHD 7 Wonders of the World Brazil - HLG/BT2020, 1000nits

Samsung Journey Of Color 4K Demo - HLG/BT2020, 1000nits

Samsung UHD Powerofcurve - HLG/BT2020, 1000nits

Samsung UHD Dubai - HLG/BT2020, 1000nits

Samsung UHD demo_DElandscape - HLG/BT2020, 1000nits

Samsung UHD The Quiet Czech Demo - HLG/BT2020, 1000nits

Viewing Tips & Contact us

Thanks to Samsung for the original SDR clips of the above at "". These clips were automatically graded from SDR/HD Rec709 originals to UHD 1000nits HLG, BT2020 color using isovideo Viarte systems.

For smooth viewing, please download a clip first. The HLG clips are best viewed on a 1000 nits HDR TV set to HLG and BT2020. Color is ideally set at 50, and contrast at 85 (between 75 to 95), depending on your TV. Adjust contrast to maintain detail and avoid saturation. For HDR TVs with less than a 1000 nits capability, some bright deltails may be lost. Note that any saturation in the source material cannot be removed during processing, and will appear in the converted results. If you have comments and suggestions, we would love to hear from you. If you have SDR footage and would like to get a regraded HLG version, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you!